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Seated at my easel late one night looking at a careful arrangement of beautiful objects I had placed on a counter-top, I had an epiphany. Why am I such a curator in my paintings when real life is so messy and full of movement?  As an exercise, I began taking photos of my subject matter without looking through the view finder in order to force myself out of my conventional way of seeing. This photo of my sugar canister is one of the first. Check in here for more as the work progresses, and in the meantime see the beautiful Cotån mentioned in the quote below by clicking here.

“The kitchen pictures or bodegones of Juan Sånchez Cotån (1561 - 1627) are conceived from the beginning as exercises in the renunciation of normal human priorities . . . It would not be enough simply to record the fruit and vegetables and game as they are; mere realism would not bite deep enough into vision to dislodge the habitual blindnesses and vanities which lurk there . . .The enemy is a mode of seeing which thinks it knows in advance what is worth looking at and what is not; against that the image presents the constant surprise of things seen for the first time.”
From Looking At The Overlooked: Four Essays on Still Life Painting by Norman Bryson (Harvard University Press, 1990.)

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Where can we buy your art?  Have you thought about Emerging Visual Artists organization in Philadelphia?  They sponsor wonderful “out of the box” artists but aren’t they all? Thank goodness.

    –  (December 27 2008 at 10:30)

Hi Barrie! Thank you for your interest in buying my work. You can find most of my artwork with some pricing information on the Jellypress art page, accessed by clicking on the art page link in the box on the right of our home page. You can also visit my website http://www.nancygailring.com, or email me directly at . Since prices vary by size and medium, a full price list is not available online, but I am happy to give out information about my work and prices by email. Thanks also for the tip about Philadelphia Emerging Visual Artists. I will check it out. And yes, thank goodness most art is “out of the box!”

    – Nancy (December 28 2008 at 11:49)

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