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Sweets (But Only For Days that Start With The Letter S)


I am a former pastry chef.  So I love to make these beautiful homemade sweets. But I feel compelled to write this post because I also keep my body healthful and thin (emphasis on the word healthful as I am sensitive to the unhealthful obsession that most women have to be slender.)

People always say to me “How can you be such an avid baker and not be fat?” It’s no mystery: because

I exercise daily and don’t eat heavy sweets daily. I do eat my share of dark chocolate daily, but only a small amount and with the awareness that some dark chocolate is believed to be good for you (a development that when it was announced marked one of the happiest days of my life.)

I am also aware that Americans are generally overweight now and have many health problems from over-eating and from sweets in particular. So I would feel uncomfortable with having them too often since I really advocate them on special occasions, or as Michael Pollen, author of, Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual says, “No snacks, no seconds, no sweets, except on days that begin with the letter S.”

Pollen is quoted in a very informative article about these issues by Jane Brody for the New York Times. Read the full text here.

Do I indulge when I’m not supposed to, when I have a bad day, when I’m just in the mood for something over-the-top and it’s not the weekend? Yes, I do. Maybe you do too. Nobody’s a saint. Besides, being rigid is boring. But the goal is moderation. So all that said, I hope you do join me in making chocolate croissant for Sunday, Valentine’s Day. I plan on eating a whole one myself. 

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I have an affinity for desserts of all kinds and am trying to cut back since I put on weight from my trip to Italy. Your photo reminded me that one of my favorite things to eat for dessert when I’m watching my weight is poached pears. I made them tonight with a little white wine, vanilla bean, cinnamon stick, lemon juice and a wee bit of sugar.

    – ciaochowlinda (February 10 2010 at 11:19)

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